Platform to gamify engagement programs in your organisation

We help you build your tribe


We advise you to get started by measuring employee engagement. Our free and anonymous engagement test can just do the trick.


Group all your events and workshops in one place with easy registrations, administration and interaction. Show how much you do for your employees. You can even connect your providers!


Use our inspirational content about engagement and add your own stories written by your ambassadors. Communication is a crucial component to succeed 


Launch all sorts of challenges that allow people and teams to earn points. Change behavior and increase maturity of your organisation through gamification.



Group all activities that drive engagement in one platform and start measuring the effect within the SDG framework. Capture all moments that matter.

CSR with the Sustainable Development Goals

It's clear that CSR and engagement are directly linked with each other. Engaged employees are looking for a higher purpose and we believe the Sustainable Development Goals can deliver just that! Our platform supports them.

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG's are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for human kind. They address the global challenges we all face. And stating that we are ambitious, is an understatement: It is important that we achieve each goal and target by 2030.  

Does your company support the SDG's? Great! Through our platform you can start measuring the progress of the SDG's within your organisation and increase engagement at the same time!

Win the Employee Engagement Awards

Does it all feel a bit overwhelming? Why don't you join the Employee Engagement Awards in Dubai? Step by step, you can start using the platform configured in your company colors with your own live company index, challenges and inspiring content. Who know, maybe you win an award!